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LawXperts Compatible only with Windows XP
With this software, whatever discussed in different laws of Bangladesh on a particular subject can be found out. In this Software, laws like CrPc, Penal Code, CPC, Evidence Act, Forest Act, Police Regulation (partially), etc are being included. At present, we are trying to complete Police Regulation. In this software, a system is being installed to facilitate listening of the laws after reading.

Shout: Talking Software


Compatible only with Windows XP
This is a Talking Software which can read the writings of the computer. With this software, if you want you can even listen to the news of the newspapers in the Internet with a view to improving your listening power.


Group 1 Tab


This is a Website of the Deputy Commissioner's Office of Bandarban. The main objective of the Website is to provide necessary information to the general people of Bandarban on the various services rendered by the office. In this Website, elaborate descriptions of all the indigenous people of Bandarban and the Tourist spots are being given.

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Group 2 Tab


MOFA is the official Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka. The objectives of the Website are to provide necessary information to the citizens going abroad and to publish Press Releases and Statements.

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Group 3 Tab


This is the official website of the organization of the Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration) cadre. Here you can search information of any officer. To have detailed information of an officer, you need to log in.

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Group 4 Tab


This is an official website of the District Controller’s office, Lakshmipur.The main objective of this Website is to ensure that all the people of Lakshmipur get necessary information on various services provided by the DC office.

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